Sunday, 23 September 2007

PyCon UK - late review (part 3, last :>)

There were several interesting talks in the conference. Last two lectures I want to write about are Jonathan Hartley's TDD talk, and Simon Willison's OpenID keynote.

I had opportunity to work with Jonathan for the last two months, so I pretty much imagined what he was going to say. I couldn't quite imagine how. I mean: ok, it's fun, but how can you describe it? John somehow managed to present it in a really interesting manner, giving step-by-step examples to let you feel what you're doing, and providing clear graphs to let you grasp the whole idea. In fact, I liked the graphs so much that I think someone should write a script to generate such things for everyday coding.

I saved to the end Simon Willison's OpenID keynote. Simon is one of the creators of django (I mean: the _really_ first creators :>), a web developer, and (effectively) an OpenID evangelist. His mindblowing speaking skills along with enormous amount of concised information and the fact that everyone attended the lecture (keynote) made openID to stay in minds of all PyConners.

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Jonathan said...

Hey Konrad! How's tricks! We're all missing you around the Resolver offices. Thanks for the kind words re: testing talk. Michael's working his magic to persuading me to submit a talk at the RuPy conference in Poland... might you be there?