Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Someone take me to USA, please?

I'm surprised I managed to blog about this sooner than Michael, but the list of approved PyCon talks has been published, and two of Resolver proposals got in! Congratulations!

The other thing is - with each lecture I read about I felt even worse on not attending the conference. They should forbid organising too awesome events in States:/

In desperate try to collect money for the flight, I added some google adverts to my blog. I switched also the feed to short form. Let me know if that's too irritating :)

Errata: Apparently, In excitement I missed the fact that actually there are going to be three resolver talks on PyCon.


Kamil Dworakowski said...

Not two, but three!

I clicked on one of the links in google adds, so that you have higher chances of going there :)

Konrad said...

Strange. I could swear the third one wasn't there last time I checked.